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Admission Procedures

Admission Procedures

Admission booking is done as per the following instructions :

  • Doctor sends the patient with a letter or referral note, or
  • Doctor gives instructions over the phone for bed booking for a particular patient, or
  • Walk-in patients are directed to visit Casualty and get a referral note for admission.
  • The rates of different classes are explained to the patients clearly and they are requested to make a choice. A tariff sheet is given on request.
  • A waiting list is maintained in which the patient's name is entered and a waiting list card is prepared and given to the patient.
  • The patient or a relative must pay the required amount of deposit to the cashier at the time of admission. The amount is based on the class of room opted for. In case of emergency, when the patient is not in a position to pay, the admission is done immediately and the patient is asked to pay the deposit the next day.
  • In emergencies, the ICU staff is intimated. The patient is sent to the ward / ICU with the doctor's treatment note. The admission papers are made with the inputs from relatives and sent to the respective ICU / Ward immediately.

Receiving Patients at the Reception Counter

  • The receptionist attends patients at the reception counter from 7.00 am to 9.00 p.m.
  • He / she answers the patient's queries regarding consultants and services provided by the hospital.
  • He / she directs the patients to respective departments as per their needs.
  • He / she maintains information regarding the availability of doctors in the premises.
  • He / she provides information regarding the availability of hospitality (hotels) services near the hospital.
  • He / she provides transportation details to patient's relatives.
  • He / she aAttends to the queries of patients and their relatives regarding any of the hospital services.

Preparing an In-patient File

This is the responsibility of the Admissions Clerk.

  1. As soon as a bed is allotted by the admission clerk, the sister of the respective floor is intimated to keep the bed ready.
  2. The admission clerk fills the admission form, in which the patient's personal details are entered.
  3. The consultant's or casualty CMO's referral letter is attached with the patient's file.
  4. The patient receives a Visitor's Pass which enables relatives and others to visit the patient anytime by simply showing it to the security men at the gate.
  5. The pass mentions the class, patient name, patient bed number as well as the validity period of the card.
  6. The patient is issued a Registration card, which carries a Prince Aly Khan Hospital No. that serves as the patient's unique identification number.
  7. This card has to be brought whenever patients come for a future re-admission to the hospital.
  8. In case a patient loses his/her card, the admission clerk traces the number from the computer with the help of the patient's name and issues a new card with the same number.
  9. The visitor's pass carries a code pertaining to the class the patient is allotted :
  10. "1" Red pass for "Economy" class
  11. "2" Blue passes for "A" & "Deluxe" category
  12. "1" White pass for Day Care & Dialysis (OPD patients)
  13. The colour code is mainly to differentiate the class and category of a patient belongs to.
  14. No extra pass is issued for any classes.

Admissions Procedure for Corporate Clients

This is the responsibility of the Admissions Clerk.

  • Companies attached with the hospital have to provide a letter of authority or a credit note for any admission.
  • The letter must mention the class and category in which the patient is to be admitted.
  • The patient is also requested to be referred to the hospital consultant or casualty for admission.
  • Admissions are done strictly on the basis of the class mentioned in the letter.
  • In case the beds are not available in the entitled class, the patient is admitted in a higher class until beds in the entitled class are available. The difference in the amount is to be borne by the patient/company. The terms of admission are explained to the patient before admission.
  • If the client has not brought the necessary credit note, he/she is requested to produce the same before discharge.
  • If the client cannot produce the credit note within 24 hrs, then he/she is asked to pay the deposit immediately and pay the bill at the time of discharge.

Refusal of admission

Refusal and cancellation of admission of the patient from the waiting list of admission is done on the following grounds:-

  • No bed availability of the desired class
  • Booking cancelled by the patient
  • The patient does not turn up
  • Cancellation by the treating Consultant

Booking of beds for planned surgery /admission

  • The referral note or doctor's letter is necessary for booking.
  • Booking can be done a day prior or even a few months earlier i.e. only in the case of expectant females.
  • Advance booking for a month prior is only valid for surgical cases.
  • Advance booking for medical cases is only done a few days prior (not more than a week) prior to admission.
  • The admission clerk, however, tries to accommodate the surgical cases, considering the OT booking and the doctors' convenience.
  • Advance booking gets the patient on the preference list, considering the earliest booking date.
  • The waiting list card denotes the date on which the booking was done; the card is checked during the admission.
  • Any delay or cancellation in surgery or admission due to unavoidable circumstances is brought to the notice of the admission clerk by the doctor or patient.
  • In case of pre-admission in emergency, the doctor or patient informs regarding cancellation of the booking.

The admission procedure remains same for planned patients.